Equal Access Social Change Essential IngredientsThroughout the developing world, many individuals – especially in rural communities – do not perceive violence or a lack of access to education, information and social services as a violation of their basic rights. Without knowledge of their rights or the skills and empowerment to affect change, the few development efforts that actually reach these rural areas struggle to engage these underserved, semi-literate communities.

Equal Access was founded to change this story and create social change for millions by providing information and education. While we excel at providing accurate and timely information, our real success lies in empowering our beneficiaries with the education and skills to interpret and apply new information and in inspiring their imagination and desire to improve their own circumstances.

Our tagline Inform. Educate. Inspire. reflects the 3 essential ingredients that are part of every social change initiative we implement.

The simple act of receiving vital information at just the right time can profoundly impact the course of one’s life. We provide practical life-changing information that helps people help themselves.
Without education that develops essential life skills and a belief in one’s personal power to affect change, individuals struggle to apply new information in ways that yield positive results. Our programs foster human development and personal empowerment.
Even with adequate information and education, it often takes the social cohesion and courage derived from interpersonal dialogue, group trainings, and peer support to mobilize and sustain significant change at community and national levels. For this reason, we provide leadership trainings and a range of community empowerment activities as essential compliments to our media programming — driving the continuum of positive change by inspiring individuals and communities to work together and achieve shared goals.