How We Work

An Integrated Solution for Social Change
Based on Three Core Services

Innovative locally produced media content

Equal Access develops innovative needs-driven media programming that is culturally appropriate and incorporates feedback directly from audiences. By designing and producing compelling local language programs in-country, we catalyze behavior change in target audiences and inspire individuals and communities to work together for lasting social change. Working with local partners to create customized communications strategies and outreach solutions, we determine the most effective program formats and services (for more detail please see “Program Services” section).

Cost-effective distribution solutions

Equal Access’ distribution solutions take advantage of the rich oral histories of the developing world and overcome low literacy rates. According to local needs and infrastructure, we employ, combine and customize a range of cost effective technologies like satellite broadcasting, FM/AM radio, TV, video, wireless, street theatre, mobile, SMS and solar technologies to provide widespread access to information and education. Our distribution systems are designed to effectively reach the vast majority of people living in the developing world. At every stage we seek to integrate new, interactive media with traditional programming vehicles. Often, radio is the most effective way to reach the most people in remote areas and in urban centers, at home and at work, while playing or in school. By networking together radio stations across each country to participate in the creation and broadcast of different radio series, Equal Access ensures that vital information is delivered on a national scale. In very rural and remote areas of Afghanistan, Chad, Nepal, India, Laos and Cambodia, we build the capacity of radio stations, set up micro-FM stations or install satellite receivers so communities can access vital information in many cases for the first time.

Direct community engagement

Social and economic development is not possible without the meaningful and sustained involvement of the people who are most affected. By engaging local stakeholders through content advisory groups and “voices from the field,” our innovative programming effectively addresses community-expressed needs. To maximize impact, we train local leaders to facilitate listening and discussion groups, supporting them to mobilize positive change based on the powerful role models and new information provided by our programs. Our outreach partners are well-established, community-based organizations with experience in issues of local concern and proven track records of providing effective services. At every step the interactive feedback loop between community needs and responsive programming is maintained.