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Facebook Live Provides a Local Imam an Opportunity to Listen

Since 2015, Equal Access has been working with over 15 community radio stations in five territories affected by Boko Haram as part of the Cameroon Peace Promotion project. Successfully promoting programs emphasizing peace and coexistence in a sensitive environment has only been possible because our teams are made up of local staff who have built…

Equal Access Launches CVE Working Group to Advance the Field

Launched in March 2017 by Equal Access in Washington, D.C. the “Empowering CVE Working Group” is a quarterly convening of CVE practitioners, scholars, and policymakers. The working group is designed as an introspective and skill-building forum to strengthen transformative leadership, cross-sectoral pollination, empowerment in practice, and new thinking and research to advance the CVE field….

16 Days of Activism: End Violence Against Women and Girls

Around the world women are rising up, patriarchal systems are breaking down, and we’re partnering with women and girls in remote communities by supporting them in challenging barriers to equality. “I am fighting violence against women and children because I too have been a victim of it. When I realized that I was not the…

Radio Dramas for Peace in the Sahel

“Rural people don’t have access to many chances in life [and so] these programs allow us to share their problems, successes and needs.”   Writer and producer Haoua Ahmat Nene from Chad specializes in creating dramatic characters and plot lines that instigate attitudinal and behavior change. She works on Equal Access’ radio dramas that are…

A Rural Radio Program Is Encouraging Communities to Talk About Dowries

Dowry image

Dowry-related violence against women continues to be an issue that affects many women and girls in Afghanistan. Numbers are hard to come by as disputes involving families are not usually reported. In Human Rights Watch 2017 World Report on Afghanistan, over 2,500 cases of domestic violence were reported in the first eight months of 2016,…

16 Stories in 16 Days |Fourteen| Owning Land As a Step Towards Greater Equality


A growing body of evidence shows a correlation between gender based violence and land rights.  Women who own their house or land are at lower risk for experiencing violence. One woman listened to the “Sajhedari” Radio Program (produced by Equal Access’ local partner FM stations) which was on women’s rights to co-own land with their…

16 Stories in 16 Days |Thirteen| Living Hand to Ear: Getting Information Into the Hands of Women in Chad


Ensuring access to information for women is vital for women’s empowerment, but not always simple. Women often do not own a radio of their own and are not given access to one in their homes. In order to improve the capacity of community radio stations to expand their listenership and reach more women, the PDev…

16 Stories in 16 Days |Twelve| Meet Kamal


“I am Kamal Paudel from Kapilvastu. I am a facilitator for the project ‘Change Starts at Home’. As a facilitator I, along with 10 group members meet every week and listen to the radio program ‘Samajhdari’, discuss the issues raised during the program and use those learnings in our daily life to build a strong…

16 Stories in 16 Days |Eleven| Using the Power of Words to Overcome the Power of Fists


Writing about domestic violence was an interest of Geeta Thapa. Unfortunately she never had the opportunity to attend journalism training. “I was so interested in in-depth reporting of women’s issues, especially those women who have struggled hard to change their lives. But I didn’t get the opportunity when I was learning about journalism,” she says….

16 Stories in 16 Days |Nine| We Will Stop the Violence Against Us


“In our village there used to be many incidents of violence against women.  But now we have united together against domestic violence, we have made a commitment to making our voice heard in the community, to convince people not to be violent toward women. We are going to stop the violence against us,” says listener…