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16 Stories in 16 Days |Eleven| Using the Power of Words to Overcome the Power of Fists


Writing about domestic violence was an interest of Geeta Thapa. Unfortunately she never had the opportunity to attend journalism training. “I was so interested in in-depth reporting of women’s issues, especially those women who have struggled hard to change their lives. But I didn’t get the opportunity when I was learning about journalism,” she says….

Fostering Peacebulding through Locally-driven Community Radio


Equal Access, in partnership with the US Embassy N’Djamena, is implementing the “Fostering Sustainable CVE Messaging Strategies through Locally-driven Community Radio” project with the aim to counter extremist messages in Chad. The threat of violent extremism is one of ideology and worldview, supported by a variety of drivers that can lead to radicalization and recruitment….

Engaging Nigeriens in Peaceful Elections

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With the goal of laying a foundation for peaceful and fair elections in Niger, Equal Access is working with USAID’s Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI) on the “Engaging Nigeriens in Peaceful Elections” project. EA is leveraging our existing network of local radio partners to broadcast radio spots across 13 stations in Diffa, Agadez, and Niamey,…

Leveraging Media to Spread Information on Migration in Niger

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In partnership with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Equal Access is leveraging the power of media and local radio networks to disseminate credible and quality information on migration issues in Agadez and Niamey, Niger. Building on nearly a decade of experience implementing behavior change and awareness-raising media programming in Niger, EA is producing and…

Inspiring Youth to Write their Own Stories and Choose their Best Future


The Equal Access radio drama One Village, A Thousand Voices (Yak Qarya Wa Hazar Sada), inspires young Afghans by engaging them in the decision-making process. Featuring a groundbreaking interactive format, the drama provides scenes and characters from Afghan culture that encourage audiences to relate to everyday challenges in their own lives. With storylines that depict challenges in achieving…

Radio Listening Group Restores Peace to their Community during Coup d’Etat in Burkina Faso


In October 2014, the peaceful African country of Burkina Faso erupted into an unexpected revolution that ended with the removal of President Blaise Compaoré. Faced with intense riots and violence in Ouahigouya, gardener Ibrahim Touré stepped up to lead the way forward in his community through non-violent action. He mobilized 15 members of his Equal Access radio listening group, which…

Creating Powerful New Possibilities for Peace


Interactive Media and Community Dialogue Fosters Tolerance and Resilience across the African Sahel The African Sahel is one of the world’s most impoverished regions. Chad, Niger and Burkina Faso, three countries in the Sahel region, suffer from weak governance, ethnic and religious tensions, and high rates of youth unemployment. These factors increase the population’s vulnerability to violent extremism. As…

Advancing and Increasing Women’s Role in Afghan Governance

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The Women in Government (WIG) project contributes to the empowerment of Afghan women and the well-being of their country. By creating an empowered critical mass of women in government, women’s interests will be better represented and a positive shift in the Afghan decision-making process is enabled. The project is focused on advancing three objectives: • Facilitating women’s entry…

Engaging Men and Boys to End Violence against Women and Girls


Equal Access’ initiative VOICES, won the One World Media Award and the Avon Global Award for advancing the cause to end violence against women. VOICES was also featured by the UN Trust Fund for Ending Violence against Women and UN Women as a project model worthy of scale–up and replication around the world. With over one million loyal…

Empowering Voters and Communities in Burkina Faso

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Zansong Soré team members interact directly with the audience to ensure their voices get to air. Just over a year since Burkina Faso erupted into an unexpected revolution that ended with the removal of President Blaise Compaoré, voters have returned to the polls in what has been seen as a largely free and fair election….