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16 Stories in 16 Days |Eight| How a Woman in Niger is Helping to Build Peace in Her Neighborhood


This is a story about a Ni Ima. Ni Ima lives in a neighborhood in Niamey, the capital city of Niger. In Ni Ima’s neighbourhood, like in many neighbourhoods in Niger, there are very few social services and violence between the local youth is a common occurrence.   But this is not a story about…

16 Stories in 16 Days |Six| Susan’s Story: Advice From a Young Bride in Afghanistan


“I am Susan from Badakhshan province but my in-laws are from Ghazni province. I was sixteen when my father got me engaged. I wasn’t happy with this decision but my father said, “this is our decision and you don’t have the right to interfere in it”, so I had to accept my father’s decision. When…

16 Stories in 16 Days |Five| YES WE WILL


“We (women) are the hope and pride of the nation. We are the real builders and we spread the fragrance of peace all around. Education is our ornaments and the bright future is our destination. We are the beacon of hope for our country, Yes we shall rise by getting and education and YES WE…

16 Stories in 16 Days |Four| Little Things We Do Together


In the Far-West of Nepal, women have traditionally not had a voice in their well-being and in the well-being of the greater community.  But now there is a group of women changing the story and making their voices heard!  Empowered with information produced by Equal Access on violence against women and the negative consequences of…

16 Stories in 16 Days |Three| Challenging the Dowry System in Afghanistan


In Samangan’s mountainous landscape in northern Afghanistan, high illiteracy rates and insecurity have posed intimidating challenges to informing women and men about the importance of living free from violence. Throughout the province many women experience violence and face physical and emotional harassment from their in-laws.  One of the major causes of in-law violence against women…

16 Stories in 16 Days |Two| How I have been changed by ‘Change Starts at Home’


Change Starts at Home is Equal Access’ flagship project challenging gender norms and identities amongst couples in Nepal.  The ultimate aim of the project is to reduce interpersonal violence between couples and increase community support for violence free relationships. In today’s story we here from Ganesh, one of the Change Starts at Home facilitators who…

16 Stories in 16 Days |One|Changing Perceptions Through Mobile Theatre and Promoting Girls’ Education in Pakistan


Promoting girls’ education in Pakistan is not only contentious, it can also be highly dangerous.  But it is also vitally important. It is currently estimated that over 6.7 million children are out of school, and the majority of them (62%) are girls.  “I wanted to do something to reach directly out to schools and local…



Pictured above Sher Bahadur Nepali and Purna Kala Nepali from Daunnedvi – 2, Nawalparasi shared “‘Samajhdari’ is making your home bright and happy, by listening to each other!” To keep up to date with the project, follow us on:  

Sesame Street for those without access to TV in Afghanistan

Baghch-e-Simsim Program Afghanistan (Report in Photos) Edited Jan 22 2016_Page_08

In Afghanistan Equal Access is working with Sesame Workshop, the non-profit arm of Sesame Street, to produce and broadcast a radio program based on the TV show for those who don’t have access to TV.  Baghch-e-Simsim (Sesame Garden) features the voices of Muppets familiar to us all from Sesame Street, as well as original Afghan…

Using Media to Promote Agricultural Practice in Western Afghanistan

22390577286_7a71b7242a_o (2)

Equal Access (EA) is the communication and outreach partner on the Regional Agricultural Development Project-West (RADP-W) to Chemonics, working to improve agricultural practices in Western Afghanistan from February 15, 2015 – February 28, 2019. EA’s activities are focusing on the RADP-W target districts within the western provinces of Herat, Badghis, and Farah, with the aim…