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16 Stories in 16 Days |Thirteen| Living Hand to Ear: Getting Information Into the Hands of Women in Chad


Ensuring access to information for women is vital for women’s empowerment, but not always simple. Women often do not own a radio of their own and are not given access to one in their homes. In order to improve the capacity of community radio stations to expand their listenership and reach more women, the PDev…

Fostering Peacebulding through Locally-driven Community Radio


Equal Access, in partnership with the US Embassy N’Djamena, is implementing the “Fostering Sustainable CVE Messaging Strategies through Locally-driven Community Radio” project with the aim to counter extremist messages in Chad. The threat of violent extremism is one of ideology and worldview, supported by a variety of drivers that can lead to radicalization and recruitment….

Chad PDevII Radio Theater Contest tackles Sensitive Issues including Countering Violent Extremism (CVE)


Above: proud actors admire the trophies bestowed upon them for CVE radio drama. Below: actors from the Bol theater troupe present their winning sketch on Boko Haram recruitment for a packed auditorium. “[when the man dressed as a Boko Haram captain leader], I was trembling before I remembered that it was all just theater! It…

Using Radio to Affect Change in Chad and Niger

Equal Access’ work in Chad and Niger was recently highlighted by USAID PDEV II Project Leader IRD. Equal Access is a USAID PDev II Implementing Partner. Visit IRD’s website to learn more about the project and read the full article text below. Youth and governance radio dramas, produced with the input of local youth, community…

Radio programming in the Sahel featured in article on new approaches to counter violent extremism

Equal Access’s work on the USAID funded Peace through Development (PDEV) program in Chad and Niger is featured in Daniel P. Aldrich’s article on new approaches to countering violent extremism. Our radio programming in the Sahel is noted as an effective method to achieving the spread of information to developing — and therefore more inaccessible…