Inspiring Civic Participation and Good Governance in Emerging Democracies

Widespread illiteracy, post-conflict scenarios and weak governments leave individuals and communities without the information and skills they need to protect their rights, demand accountability from their governments or participate more fully in shaping their societies. Likewise, new leaders and governments often need training on transparency and how to be accountable to their constituents.

Equal Access is Changing this Story

Our innovative media programs provide civic education through serial dramas, community roundtable discussions and interviews for millions to hear and see, while our targeted trainings build the capacity of local leaders and government officials. We bring elected officials, community leaders, local journalists and everyday citizens together in town hall forums to discuss issues and achieve collective solutions. By combining informative media shows with targeted trainings and public forums, a more informed and engaged citizenry emerges to hold leaders accountable, and newly trained leaders are more responsive to their constituents.

In Cambodia, our “Success Starts with You” drama series follows villagers from two rural communes as they solve issues affecting their communities, such as disputes around elections, land rights and crime. This program helps foster civil society and democratic participation.

In Nepal, empowered with knowledge gained at the trainings and the weekly broadcasts of Naya Nepal, young leaders continue this peer to peer training and hold community discussions on electoral engagement, the newly formed Constituent Assembly and collective solutions to hardship.

In Afghanistan, the ASPIRE Initiative brings citizens together with provincial and local leaders, moderate religious leaders, and local journalists for a series of trainings followed by town hall forums where human rights and local governance is explored in the context of Islam and the Afghan Constitution.