Human Rights: Restoring Dignity, Equity, and Opportunity for Those Who Need it Most

Throughout the developing world, many individuals – especially in rural and marginalized communities – do not perceive violence or a lack of access to education, information and social services as a violation of their basic rights. The experiences these individuals and communities struggling to survive through persistent conflicts, recurring human rights abuses and exploitative situations are rarely heard or documented. Often tolerated as the norm, human rights abuses based on caste, gender, religious, ethnic or social divisions continue unabated and unaddressed.

Equal Access is Changing this Story

Our dynamic and informative media and community action initiatives provide essential knowledge of basic human rights and how to protect them.  Modeling tolerance and respect by emphasizing listening and dialogue, local solutions and direct access to support services, even the most marginalized are not only heard bu able to affect positive change.

In Cambodia, our “Success Starts With You” program has helped Cambodians understand their civic rights in the newly emerging decentralized democracy. Young girls and boys who listen to Ana Kut have been able to migrate safely and avoid being trafficked into the sex trade or into forced labor.

In Afghanistan, more young girls are in school and less forced into corrective marriages. We have produced a range of programming to help educate Afghans about women’s rights and human rights within the context of Islam through shows like “Our Beloved Afghanistan” and many others.

In India and Nepal, we educate migrants on their journey cross  border  so they understand their rights and can protect themselves from exploitation.