Women’s and Girls’ Empowerment

With untapped and unacknowledged potential, millions of women and girls across the developing world are subject to oppression and denied human rights simply because they are female. Whether forced into childhood marriage, denied access to education, trafficked into the sex trade, raped as a tool of war, victimized by domestic violence, or prevented from full participation in civil society, women and girls have too long endured assaults on their dignity, intelligence and power.

Equal Access is Changing This Story

Every day, whether gaining new knowledge of their rights by listening to our serial radio dramas and trusted chat show hosts, mobilizing social change at community discussion groups or acquiring leadership skills at our trainings, millions of women and girls are transforming their lives and their communities. With our help they are claiming their inherent power and dignity – able to migrate safely, resist traffickers, reduce child marriage, recover from and reduce violence, and be heard.

In Afghanistan, women and their families are learning that human rights and women’s rights are values enshrined in Islam and are now sending their daughters to school, resisting child marriage and permitting women to work outside the home.

In Nepal, our trained women community reporters have become trusted ambassadors of their villages by giving rural women a voice on our radio shows. The shows enable them to share their unique stories of coping with war and domestic violence, while leading a healing process for their communities and the nation.

In Cambodia, young girls and their communities are resisting traffickers who would force them into sexual slavery. They are able to migrate safely or choose livelihoods available in their villages.