Engaging Millions to Create a Stronger Society


Equal Access Afghanistan provides essential education and tools to help millions of Afghans improve their quality of life. Based in Kabul since 2002, our programs have changed people’s attitudes and behaviors in areas that are critical to the development of Afghanistan, such as  human rights and women’s issues, Islamic education, health and hygiene, drug demand reduction, elections and civic participation, rule of law and peace building, and youth empowerment.

With the national illiteracy rate stretching to over 70%, innovative media – like locally produced radio programs and street theater – is one of the most effective ways to educate and engage people across all of Afghanistan.

Equal Access Afghanistan uses a range of tools to achieve social change, such as community mobilization training, radio dramas, mobile live theater, round table discussions, media training, TV documentaries, TV dramas and remote learning through radio. A focus on grass roots engagement and community participation underpins all these programs.