AIRTIME Initiative: Accountability & Transparency

AIRTIME Leadership Training

The AIRTIME project brings together elected officials, community leaders and members of advocacy groups to learn about and discuss models of good governance and accountability.

In Afghanistan, where the population is learning to live in a fledgling democracy, both constituents and elected officials need to learn how to work effectively in tandem to create functioning local democracies, communications and services.

Participants in the AIRTIME project take part in training in good governance, advocacy and leadership. Equal Access Afghanistan brings together government employees and civil society members to learn together how government bodies can be more responsive and accountable to the people and how constituents can demand their rights from government. After training, participants lead a community public forum, publicly discussing these issues within a local context.

These events form the basis for a nationally broadcast radio series designed to empower ordinary Afghans to approach officials and demand accountability. They also teach listeners about the dangers of corruption in organizations and government agencies, encouraging Afghans to expect a higher level of transparency and responsiveness from their leaders.

Since January 2009, over 680 local government members and civil society leaders have taken part in training in good governance, advocacy, and leadership and four radio episodes each month have been broadcast nationally to an audience of 10 million.

Reports of listeners who previously took bribes for services pledging to cease this since hearing the program and government officials disseminating information learned in training throughout their departments and setting new standards for operation, show that there have been clear successes during the first year of this project. The AIRTIME project has been made possible through the generous support of the United Nations Democracy Fund.


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