Tolerance Caravan: Understanding and Promoting Human Rights

Training & Organizing Leaders to Encourage Rights in Afghanistan through National Media & Community Engagement which Creates Accountability, Rural Awareness of Voting And Networking

The Tolerance Caravan is supporting eight communities in six provinces of Afghanistan to understand and advocate for their human rights. In an event lasting three days in each location, Tolerance Caravan brings together government officials, community and religious leaders, media and civil society representatives and constituents to identify rights-based problems in their area and create participatory, collective action-plans and solutions.

With largely ineffective and lethargic governance, it is up to constituents to demand and push for their rights as citizens of Afghanistan. Equal Access is offering active support in this two-year program.

‘This workshop helped us to understand that we can take measures to solve our problems.”
— Public Forum Participant from Paghman

Through targeted trainings for leaders and elders, citizens are educated about their basic human rights, the concept of tolerance and the benefits of working together in community mobilization training. Hundreds of additional members of the community are educated in basic human rights concepts through mobile theater performances held in the district center.

Key to this project is the high degree of ownership held by participants who take an active part in designing the second wave of activities, including leading a public forum, producing and starring in locally produced radio episodes which document progress on goals set by the participants themselves during the public forums.


Success Story

Tolerance Caravan Tolerance Caravan team fights for the rights of women and reconciles a family