One Village, A Thousand Voices (OVATV)


Partner: US Institute of Peace (USIP)

Project Length: May 2015 – April 2016

In partnership with USIP, Equal Access (EA) developed and currently produces a rule of law participatory radio drama series that is broadcast across all 34 Afghan provinces. The “One Village, A Thousand Voices” (OVATV) radio drama episodes feature young Afghans as they seek to influence village-level justice decision-making. Each curriculum-based story has a rule of law theme relevant to land disputes, marriage disputes, criminal cases and more. The drama is designed with both entertainment and empowerment in mind, while the call-in discussion program following the drama focuses on the rule of law issues. The project’s objectives are to help citizens navigate the complex shifting power dynamics within communities that lack durable enforcement mechanisms and to highlight the importance of Afghan participation in charting the path towards successful rule of law.

To achieve these objectives, as of February 2016, OVATV has developed 141 radio episodes (in both Dari and Pashto) over the programs entire lifetime. The radio drama is designed to be participatory for listeners of the show and encourages them to provide feedback on the storylines. At the end of the episodes listeners are asked questions regarding a choice made by one of the series’ characters and are asked to provide their feedback on that choice. Listener response and feedback then shapes changes in the storylines of future episodes.