Regional Agricultural Development Project – West (RADP-W)

RADP CR Training

Partner: Chemonics International

Project Length: February 2015 – February 2019

Equal Access International (EA) is the communication and outreach partner on the “Regional Agricultural Development Project-West” (RADP-W) to Chemonics International. RADP-W works in the western Afghan provinces of Herat, Badghis, and Farah with the aim of using media and communication platforms and outreach tools to support goals of increasing farmer incomes, improving market access, and expanding knowledge of agricultural market mechanisms, best practices, and pricing information. RADP-W focuses specifically on improving farmer knowledge and ability in wheat, high value crop (grapes, orchard crops, and vegetables), and livestock (sheep and goats) cultivation.

EA accomplishes these goals through production of a radio program broadcast through local radio stations, mobile theater performances in towns located within the target provinces, and community engagement in the form of organized Listening and Discussion Groups, trainings for Community Reporters, and interaction with listeners through SMS and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) feedback. RADP-W also addresses constraints of the enabling environment, promotes the economic, social, and personal well-being of women, and improves nutrition especially for mothers and young children.