Despite decades of civil war and the tragedy of the Khmer Rouge regime, Cambodians now look to the future with optimism.  It is vital that Cambodia’s youth, making up nearly half of the population, is engaged and equipped to address the challenges ahead in this emerging democracy.

Equal Access began operations in Cambodia in 2005 with a project targeting rural women and children at risk of trafficking and sexual exploitation. Since that initial project, Equal Access has been delivering vital information to underserved Cambodians eager to transform information into action and improve their communities. Equal Access’s nationwide media and community outreach projects address key issues related to Cambodia’s post-conflict political & social development, including women’s empowerment, HIV/AIDS and reproductive health, small business development, civic participation, and decentralization.

Equal Access International has a registered branch office in Cambodia  (Equal Access Cambodia), and as of January 2012, we have been working largely through our affiliate partner, MEDIA One. MEDIA One is a local spin-off of Equal Access and was founded on the belief that sustainable and equitable development requires open dialogue between all sectors of society.  To learn more about MEDIA One, please visit