Success Starts With You: Encouraging Growth and Entrepreneurship Through Business Radio

Supporting small businesses to increase productivity and promoting dialogue between the private sector and government stakeholders through educational radio and television programs and direct training, Equal Access forms a key part of the communications strategy for the USAID Cambodia Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) project.

The USAID Cambodia MSME project facilitates technical and business assistance to thousands of businesses in rural Cambodia with the aim of improving regulations, productivity, cooperation and, ultimately, profits.

Equal Access supports these efforts through the production of radio and television programs that broadcast through public and private radio stations around the country. Through a weekly magazine-style small business radio program called Success Starts with You, complimentary live radio talk shows and expert roundtables, and video and radio public service announcements, it is extending useful and actionable information to thousands of rural business owners.

The USAID Cambodia MSME project, and by extension Equal Access’s communications activities, focus on some of Cambodia’s leading rural industry sectors, including swine raising, water and sanitation, aquaculture, eco-tourism, non-timber forest products, as well as urban-oriented industries such as the garment sector.

Bringing together business development experts, industry workers and government officials, Success Starts with You and the complimentary live programs create a modern and informative learning environment for business owners.  The shows highlight best practices in industry sectors, promote sustainable business growth and give information on simple, yet vital, topics such as how to write a business plan, the principles of marketing and business group formation.  Business owners are encouraged to use the show as a learning resource and also a marketing tool, promoting their best practices and by extension their successful business ventures.

Television and radio public service announcements also reinforce social marketing campaigns and key messages related to an improved and sustainable Cambodian business environment. For example, Equal Access helped to produce a radio campaign encouraging adoption of a cheap and effective latrine solution for rural households. Radio public service announcements have also promoted good environmental practices, including forest protection.

Equal Access has also held two trainings for both the public sector and USAID Cambodia MSME business clients on strategic communications. The trainings were designed to support project efforts to promote better and more constructive dialogue between these two key stakeholders in creating a strong enabling environment for Cambodian enterprises.

The USAID Cambodia MSME project is being implemented by Development Alternatives Inc. Equal Access is a consortium partner.

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