Success Starts With You: Supporting Civil Society and Democratic Participation

Success Starts with You (Chork Chay Pderm Pi Neak) is a communications brand focused on civil society, democratic participation and small business development in Cambodia, helping listeners better understand the country’s ongoing development, decentralization and de-concentration efforts. The brand has been used in separate projects and has featured special radio programs and short public service announcements (PSAs) about the 2008 Cambodian national elections, AH1N1 flu, public sector-private sector dialogue, the role of women in a developing society, and the ongoing Khmer Rouge Tribunal. An audience survey conducted in December 2008 concluded that an estimated 3.6 million Cambodians had listened to the radio program. It is estimated that millions of Cambodians have listened to or seen corresponding short-format television and radio PSAs.

Success Starts with You is about empowering Cambodians to take positive steps to improve their community and their country. Episodes of the Success Starts with You radio programs feature both a mini-drama series and a news magazine, which includes reports produced by community reporters. The mini drama follows the story of fictional rural citizens as they take different paths to solving issues affecting their communities or developing their businesses. The news magazine segment tells the story of ordinary Cambodians who have faced the same challenges presented in the drama.

In addition to longer-format recorded radio programs, Equal Access has also produced radio and television Success Starts with You PSAs, which inform audience members about the role of the Commune Councils and promote citizen participation in community development planning processes.

Success Starts with You has received support from the U.S. Agency for International Development, US Department of State, Bureau of Democracy, Rights and Labor, and the Asian Development Bank.

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