Cameroon Peace Promotion Project (CP3)

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Partner: USAID

Project Length: December 2015 – December 2017

Funded by USAID, Equal Access is implementing the “Cameroon Peace Promotion Project” (CP3), a comprehensive media and outreach project focused on promoting peace and tolerance concepts and empowering youth, women, and rural populations in the North and Far North regions with information, education, and practical tools to lead productive lives. Through building the capacity of local media outlets, producing quality radio programming coupled with community discussion groups, and training religious, youth, women, and community leaders, EA aims to provide the tools through which communities in the North and Far North can sustain communication and support interactions that promote peace concepts.


Based on the conviction that engaging media is one of the most powerful influences in today’s world, capable of transforming beliefs and empowering the collective will, CP3 supports, strengthens and gives voice to moderate traditional and religious leaders, trains and mentors radio stations and their staff, and empowers community, religious, youth and women leaders seeking to counter violent narratives. Combining interactive radio programming with direct community engagement, CP3 increases community resistance to violent extremism by supporting moderate voices, improving information flow among community members on peace and tolerance concepts, and promoting dialogue between stakeholders on issues of concern.