Chad has suffered from acute poverty aggravated by a variety of conflicts during its nearly 50 years of independence. Tensions between ethnic groups, recent coup attempts and spill-over effects from crisis in neighboring countries have further contributed to the political and economic instability in the country. Nearly half the population is under the age of 15 and the emerging media sector offers one of the few outlets for youth and the population in general to engage on issues of particular relevance to their communities.

In 2008, Equal Access began working in Chad as the media partner in the USAID-funded Peace through Development (PDEV) project implemented by AED. Using its innovative participatory radio methodology, Equal Access’ team of Chadian producers engages listeners through the production of three weekly radio series on youth, good governance and religious tolerance. These programs are complemented by civil society strengthening and engagement activities such as listening and dialogue groups and capacity building for the Chadian radio sector.

As of June, 2010, nearly one million Chadians regularly listen to at least one of our weekly radio series from an established network of 15 partner stations including national, commercial and community radio stations across the five target regions in Chad. In 2012 phase two of this initiative was launched with our new implementing partner IRD. Equal Access is dedicated to continuing our engagement, education and capacity building for the local media and communities throughout Chad.