Developing Community Radio in Remote Areas

India During the last two decades, significant development efforts in India have improved the quality of life for many, yet have also highlighted an increasing polarity between the country’s poor and those who have most benefited from its strong economic growth. With heavy concentrations of development activities taking place in urban areas, people in rural areas are being left behind. Although India has a burgeoning IT sector and is one of the most prolific centers for media production worldwide, there are many communities in India, including an estimated 100 million street children, who remain without reliable access to critical development information.

Equal Access’ innovative radio and outreach projects in India address this widespread gap, reaching 30 million listeners, including the most vulnerable populations of Nepali migrants in Mumbai, rural villagers in the hills of Uttarakhand state and street children in Delhi.

Equal Access is committed to collaborating with local organizations and our India program is implemented through a partnership with an Indian not-for-profit development communications group.