Project: Youth Chat Radio

Empowering the Next Generation with Life skills and Health Education

Audio Training at Pakse Secondary School- Learning to work with min-disc recorders

For a number of years Equal Access and our local partners Mahosot have worked to develop school based radio programming in Saravanh and Champpasak Provinces in Southern Lao PDR. In partnership with the schools and the Ministry of Education radio studios have been constructed at two large secondary schools – Pakse Upper Secondary School and Saravanh Secondary School Through ongoing, multi-day workshops students are taught how to produce radio programming for broadcast and a variety of production techniques including a range of artistic methods. Skill areas include digital recording, editing and broadcasting: production techniques, technical skills, program writing, on-air skills (i.e. voice acting, interviewing, etc.) and project management.

Through the radio programs youth learn how to negotiate relationships, to protect themselves from HIV and trafficking as well as the risks of drug use, gambling and other risky behaviors. Each broadcast highlights the stories of teens grappling with a particular issue. Then, the actors discuss the impact of the possible courses of action. The programs reach a listening audience of approximately 80,000.

Students receive additional support and guidance from Laos provincial radio stations’ staff and the programs are broadcast through local Lao National Radio stations in partnership with LNR and the Ministry of Information and Communication. This program is supported by the Open Society Institute, Art Venture Foundation and UNICEF.

Success Story

Building Radio Studios in rural Lao Secondary schools in Pakse and Saravanh provinces

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