At Home and Abroad: HIV Prevention and Safe Migration

A cross-border initiative for HIV prevention reaching migrants and spouses in India & Nepal

Desh Pardesh (At Home and Abroad) is a high-quality, linguistically and culturally appropriate edutainment radio program that aims to reduce HIV transmission among Nepali migrants and their sexual partners by increasing awareness and knowledge on Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) among both migrant communities in India and the “home” communities back in Nepal. On air for 30 minutes each week, the program includes a 15-minute drama segment following the adventures of Narendra, a young man from a village in western Nepal who migrates to Mumbai to find work and experiences many of the common challenges encountered by Nepalese migrants in India. Listeners identify with the obstacles faced by Narendra who, in his successful decisions and actions in the face of such challenges (such as not to visit a brothel with his friends) serves as a role model.  The program covers multiple interrelated topics, including safe travel, HIV/AIDS, safe sex, and access to available health services. Interviews with migrants from source communities in western Nepal are also featured as well as information on partner health clinics and youth drop-in centers.

Lauded as one of the top 5 radio programs addressing the issues related to HIV/AIDS in Nepal by a National DHS survey, Desh Pardesh educates migrants and their families and provides critical messaging in an engaging and entertaining format.

In a recent comparison study, listeners to the radio program showed improved knowledge of HIV/AIDS transmission and symptoms, an increased rate of HIV testing, and more frequent condom use as well as a positive change in attitude and perception towards and support for people living with HIV/AIDS. The program also made a positive impact in areas such as women’s empowerment, initiation of saving schemes, interpersonal communication and increased self-efficacy. An assessment of the program also showed an increase in youth migrants seeking medical advice at the partner clinics, where they also traveled to for access to the radio to listen to Desh Pardesh.


Success Story

Meeting at Youth Drop-in Center

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This project has ended, but we invite you to listen to the most recent episode of Sangsangai, Equal Access Nepal’s current program on Women’s Empowerment.