Kamka Kura: Exploring Livelihoods

There is a shortage of work for people from all different backgrounds in Nepal, both skilled and unskilled. The Government of Nepal has documented that hundreds of young people leave Nepal every single day, going to India, the gulf countries, the US, and many other places in search of work and opportunities and to realize their dreams. But often, these young people are ill-prepared for work and end up working in poor conditions without basic job skills to improve their lives and livelihoods.

Kamka Kura was created in response to the overwhelming number of letters and cell phone texts that Saathi Sanga Manka Kura (Chatting with My Best Friend), Equal Access Nepal’s popular youth life skills show, was receiving.  Kamka Kura began as a guide for its youth listeners through the frustrations of unemployment and to teach listeners the skills they need to gain fulfilling and empowering work both in Nepal and abroad.

Now, people of all ages who have trouble finding employment listen to Kamka Kura because listeners trust the show to teach them to identify, prepare for, participate in and benefit from locally available entrepreneurial and educational opportunities. The major message is to prepare for and seize available opportunities.

The program format is an informal chat between friends interspersed with short dramas, interviews, success stories, features, reports, and letter-reading.  Kamka Kura has been broadcast since May 2007 through Radio Nepal and 36 FM stations. It is now streamed online. 2 million regular listeners tune in to Kamka Kura regularly.

For more information on Kamka Kura and to download the program, please visit Equal Access Nepal’s Kamka Kura page at http://www.equalaccess.org.np/kamka-kura.

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