Naya Nepal: Visions of Good Governance and Peace

Naya Nepal (New Nepal) has been Nepal’s second-most popular radio program (after Saathi Sanga Manka Kura) for four years. Each week, one-sixth of the population of Nepal listen to Naya Nepal for an inspiring and information-packed half-hour that educates its listeners on the basics of peace, rule of law, human rights, gender and minority balance in politics, justice, security, voting, and many other hallmarks of a strong, stable, and representative government.

Begun in June 2006, just before a comprehensive peace agreement between the insurgent group CPN Maoist and the Government that ended a decade of armed conflict, sudden political changes at the end of the monarchy provided new hope for civic participation but a need to understand the transition that the country was experiencing. Seizing this opportunity, Naya Nepal‘s original broadcasts concentrated on training women in politics and democracy-building media skills and understanding the impact of the conflict on the individual and on society and discussing root causes of conflict with special reference to the changing political context of Nepal.

Now, Naya Nepal is well established as a forum where voices from rural or isolated areas can be heard in the most influential political circles in Kathmandu and where policymakers can communicate directly with constituents. To increase the specificity and applicability of the show, Naya Nepal has now been split into central and non-central broadcast, one being produced centrally by Equal Access and seven other being produced and supported independently in seven districts in regional and local languages.

The program is aired through Radio Nepal and over 30 local FM stations nationwide with locals versions produced in Maithili, Tharu and Bhojpuri. The main target groups of the program are rural and semi-urban youth and adults.

For more information on Naya Nepal and to download the program, please visit Equal Access Nepal’s Naya Nepal page at

Success Story

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