“Thanks to Equal Access, our communities have reunited, and we are more tollerant with each other – even thte villagers have been affected; also, the quality of our radio station has noticeably improved, and so has leadership.”

– Habibou Yantakashe, Niger

Niger ranks among the poorest countries in the world with a majority of its population living in rural communities with low levels of literacy. Consequently, radio is the primary source of information and entertainment amongst most Nigeriens, as opposed to print media or more expensive television.

In 2008, Equal Access began working in Niger as the media partner in the USAID-funded Peace through Development (PDEV) project implemented by AED. Using its inventive participatory radio methodology, Equal Access’ talented team of Nigerien producers engages millions of listeners through the production of three weekly radio series on youth, good governance and religious tolerance. These programs are complemented by civil society strengthening and engagement activities such as listening and dialogue groups and trainings for religious leaders.

In addition to producing high quality radio programs, Equal Access implements a variety of other media activities that support the burgeoning Nigerien radio sector including technical and management trainings, radio mapping and the introduction and integration of new media technology.