Equal Access Pakistan is the New Voice of Peace


Although Pakistan’s economy has stabilized and it’s workforce expands, Pakistan increasingly struggles to control domestic insurgents and extremism. FATA and the Khyuber Pakhtunkhwa provinces, especially, are on the frontlines of the fight against violent extremism.  A lack of infrastructure and few traditions of inclusiveness in the tribal areas exacerbate this population’s vulnerability.

Equal Access answers citizens’ need and rightful desire for dignity and respect by producing radio programs that model egalitarian and community-focused alternatives to propaganda currently dominating radio waves.  Equal Access Pakistan’s shows reach 4 million people and promote messages that value Muslim culture, ease short-term frustrations among vulnerable populations before they harden into long-term grievances, foster resistance to extremist messages, and reduce the perceived legitimacy and social acceptance of violence.


In response to the devastating floods that hit Pakistan in August 2010, Equal Access immediately began broadcasting special programming on topics including how to avoid common diseases in post-flood situations, giving directions about how to access medical camps and other health services as well as providing information about waste management, and disseminating other key news updates. Equal Access is dedicated to helping ensure those affected by the floods are receiving critical information about resources available to them and that women, children and men are empowered to help themselves and their communities stay safe, recover and rebuild.