Yemen faces multidimensional challenges in its endeavor to pursue economic development, political reform, and enhanced peace and security. A weak government, large-scale youth unemployment, rural poverty, corruption, and lack of opportunity for expression and engagement are all factors which increase the vulnerability of Yemeni youth and jeopardize the future stability of Yemen.

While the Republic of Yemen Government has taken meaningful steps towards political and economic reforms, Yemen remains one of the least developed countries in the world, ranked 133rd out of 169 countries on the 2010 UNDP Human Development Report. As one of the poorest country in the Arab world, Yemen faces enormous development challenges with some of the worst indicators in the region and a population growth rate projected to double to 38 million by 2026.

Through an unprecedented broadcasting agreement with the Yemen General Corporation for Radio and TV, Equal Access airs a weekly youth radio series on the government’s network of local FM stations across Yemen reaching an estimated 4.2 million youth.  In addition to its flagship youth radio and outreach program Let’s Be the Best Together, Equal Access has provided digital audio equipment to local radio stations and trained professional journalists and producers in investigative reporting, social change communications, and digital audio recording and editing. Equal Access is a registered International NGO with the Republic of Yemen’s Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation and has sub-agreements with the Ministry of Information and Ministry of Youth.