Monthly Giving

When we can count on your monthly gift, we know we’ll have a consistent stream of funding to build our programs most efficiently. That means your donations will have the maximum benefit for the people we serve.

Online donation: To set up a monthly donation just click DONATE NOW and select “reoccurring monthly gift” and enter the amount you’d like to give each month, that amount will be automatically charged to your card each month.

Check payments: If you prefer, you can mail us a monthly check in the pre-addressed envelopes we’ll send to you. Please contact Silvia Castillo at for more information.

You can change your monthly donation amount or pledge at any time.

If you have questions about Monthly Giving, feel free to contact the Equal Access Headquarters office at (415) 516-4884 ext. 100 or via email at

How does your donation have impact?

$50 -Sobita Ghimire
$50 – Helps us train Sobita Ghimire, and other women and girls like her, to gain the skills needed to transform lives

$100 - Community Reporters
$100 – Supports Community Reporters on-the-ground in bringing the voices of the rural poor to the radio for local and national broadcasting

$250 -Discussion Group
$250 – Helps us form Youth Discussion Groups to address issues like education, sexual health, employment opportunities

$1000 Peace Building Lessons from Radio
$500 – Supports the funding of Meeting Groups of community and religious leaders who allow girls to attend school

Meeting Group - $500
$1000 – Can help us fund a short series of radio programs addressing critical issues in health, education or peacebuilding in any of Equal Access’ nine countries