How Equal Access is Working Closely with Academics

Working with NGOs

Across our range of programs and countries, Equal Access invests a lot of time ensuring the accuracy and value of our monitoring and evaluation work. Now we are taking that to a higher level by working directly with academic researchers from the likes of the Universities of Minnesota, George Mason University, and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. For NGOs with years of experience directly implementing and monitoring development projects, this can be quite a challenge – but it’s one our teams are relishing. With funding from the UK’s Department of International Development Equal Access is implementing the Change Starts at Home project in rural parts of Nepal. The project aims to tackle the very sensitive topic of interpersonal violence between couples through a range of interventions including radio programming, community-based activities and listening discussion groups. But that’s not all – we also want to know what works and why – and that’s where our academic colleagues from the University of Minnesota and George Mason University come in. Our technical advisor to the project Gemma Ferguson recently put together her insider’s view on this challenging but creative collaboration for The Guardian’s Development Blog here:

To learn more on how Equal Access is partnering with George Mason University click here:

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