Northern Nigeria’s first all-Hausa TV Channel Celebrates Two Years on Air



“AREWA24 has made us change our behaviors…”

On June 28th, AREWA24 the 24/7 all-Hausa language entertainment and lifestyle satellite TV channel, launched and developed by Equal Access celebrated its two-year anniversary.  Since launching on the eve of Ramadan 2014, AREWA24 has established itself as the premier channel for authentic and homegrown Hausa content for Northern Nigeria.  AREWA24 produces and broadcasts entertaining and locally relevant programming across a variety of popular genres to Hausa speakers across Northern Nigeria and the surrounding countries, and reaches many more through via streaming on its YouTube channel.

The TV channel was created partly as an attempt to empower communities in Northern Nigeria which have been affected by  turmoil over the past few years in this fragile part of Africa.  AREWA24 gives Hausa speakers a voice, and proudly celebrates local culture, stories and aspirations. The channel currently produces 13 original series at its production studios in Kano, including the award-winning original drama, “Dadin Kowa;” a daily Breakfast Show; “Kundin Kannywood,” a behind the scenes look at the film industry; a culture variety show, “Waiwaye; a youth magazine, “Matasa@360;” “Alawar Yara” for children; “Tauraruwa” featuring women’s role models; plus two popular music-oriented series, “H Hip Hop” and “Top 10.” Other series include, “Taka Leda” (kickoff) and “Football Review,” the channel’s two sports formats; a cooking show and “Daga Masu Kallon Mu,” which answers questions from AREWA24’s viewers.  The channel’s new original primetime series, “Wedding Bells,” debuts in the fall and follows a select group of couples through the trials, tribulations and joys of tying the knot.

AREWA24 is available to over 80 million Hausa speakers in Nigeria and West Africa through its free-to-air broadcast on satellite.  More recently a partnership with the Nigerian Television Authority is on track to  add up to 18 million viewers via free terrestrial broadcasting through six Northern States now carrying AREWA24 content,  and a further 11 States due to roll out in the near future.  Additionally, all episodes of AREWA24’s original shows are available for free on YouTube and through the channel’s mobile app, which can be found on Google Play or iTunes or via the website  AREWA24’s President Jacob Arback is particularly pleased with the incredible progress the Kano-based team has made since its inception only two years ago:   “The AREWA24 production and management staff has grown by leagues from the channel’s early days to today,” Arback said.  “The AREWA24 studio is now producing programming at a quality standard on par with that of the top Nigerian and international channels.”  As evidence of that, the flagship soap opera recently won the Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Award for Best Indigenous Language TV series. For more on that, check here

Mukhtar Musa Bako, AREWA24’s Head of Studio, added, “It’s a special honor to be part of the executive leadership team at the AREWA24 production studio and to witness first-hand the joy and pride in culture that we are able to bring to our viewers every day across Northern Nigeria. It is truly a blessing for all of us who grew up here.  We could not be more proud of our staff and their commitment to excellence.”

That commitment has led to a constant stream of feedback from the channel’s dedicated viewers, who watch for entertainment and for educational and social reasons too.  Among the many recent comments received by our social media team were some which clearly show the positive impact the channel is having on its audience:

AREWA24 has made us change our behaviors because of watching Dadin Kowa and seeing how people of different ethnicities live together peacefully.  We have also realized the need for us to live together peacefully with other ethnicities since we were all created by God.  I’m calling from Katsina.  Thank you.”

“My name is Muhammad Abubakar.  AREWA24 has really brought about a sensitization and positive enlightenment in our society.  It has also made us a lot more tolerant and loving of people that are of a different culture and religion than ours.  We have nothing to say but thanks and appreciation, and we wish you continuous wisdom and more grease to your elbow.”

“Hello.  Peace be unto you.  We really enjoy your programs, most especially how they have changed the lives of our children because they are in front of the TV watching and understanding what is happening in the country as a whole.  Their behaviors, morals and general relationship with all of us have really improved since AREWA24 began its operation.  I am Amina from Jigawa State.  Thank you.”

AREWA24’s original productions are uploaded weekly to, and the channel benefits from active audience engagement across its digital platforms at (in English and Hausa),,,  and

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