Equal Access Pakistan Produces Film For Women and Girls’ Empowerment



Equal Access Pakistan has just produced and broadcast a 60-minute film for their Women and Girls’ empowerment project, which aims to create a positive change in attitudes and behaviors around girls’ and women’s rights in Pakistan.  The film, Bawar, has been broadcast nationally and received a lot of positive feedback, particularly from viewers in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and KP province.  There is a subtle play on words in the title Bawar (Trust), which is in practice the lack of trust in women by men, keeping them housebound, illiterate and unable to reach other influences in life.  As part of the project, EA also organized other activities aimed at strengthening the abilities of young girls to participate in positive activities like sports.  Already the film has received a tremendous response from the audience and some notable people who were invited to a special screening.  Sardar Hussain of the Peshawar High Court said  “Keeping in mind the perspective of rural area’s people, this telefilm will provide those people thousands of reasons to understand the importance of education and women’s empowerment.  Equal Access Pakistan is doing a remarkable job by doing this, and very soon we will see the positive results.”

To see the trailer for the film, click here!

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