Impact Evaluation of Radio Programming in Chad and Niger

Applying Local Solutions to Local Problems: Radio Listeners as Agents of Change

An evaluation of the impact on listeners to Equal Access radio programming in Chad and Niger under the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Peace through Development Project (PDEV) was conducted by Karen Greiner, Ph.D., University of South Florida, Department of Communication in October 2010 and recently made public.

According to Dr. Greiner’s findings “In depth research, including 46 field interviews and 16 focus groups, indicates that the media component activities of USAID’s PDEV program have achieved significant impact in strengthening moderate voices and improving information flow among citizens on peace and tolerance.”

Full report available here (PDF)

Dr. Greiner also wrote a feature blog post on her findings for FrontlineSMS titled Communication for social change: How to turn a stone into a sponge (it’s not magic, it’s design!)

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