Success Metrics 2

Equal Access’ cost-effective media and outreach programs have made a positive impact on millions of people in some of the least developed countries of the world. Below are the key metrics for Equal Access’ achievements through 2011.

Broadcast Reach                                                                                          

Our broadcast reach expanded to more than 75 million across Asia, Africa and the Middle East. With over 116 local radio partners, Equal Access’ high-quality content has captured an active, weekly listening population of 15 million listeners, including women and youth.

our reach

Original Content Produced

With over 1,219 original episodes locally produced in 2012, Equal Access is able to deliver rich-quality content that is needs-driven and highly relevant to local contexts. We produce award-winning programming in 19 different languages, many of them minority language. When broadcast, performed and distributed in tandem with thousands of hours of training and direct community engagement activities, broader and deeper impact is achieved and sustained.



Direct engagement activities that empower our beneficiaries to apply new information to improve their lives are an essential component of our methodology. More than 73,384 individuals participated in Equal Access’ programs in 2012. We utilize a series of engagement tools including listening circles and discussion groups, mobile theater performances, stakeholder workshops, content advisory groups, and public forums that bring together community members, government officials, and civic leaders to address challenges collaboratively and encourage positive behavior change.



In 2012, Equal Access equipped 3,035 individuals, including men, women, and youth with the skills they need to improve their lives.  Through our face-to-face training workshops for women leaders, educators, listening group facilitators, community reporters, media professionals, and youth,  our beneficiaries gain the skills they need to become changemakers within their communities. The skills learned through trainings are subsequently reinforced through media programs, listening group discussion or mobile theater performances.



In measuring our impact on our beneficiaries, we focus on whether we have improved their knowledge, changed their attitudes to an issue or even influenced them to behave in a different way. Click here to learn more about our Impact Assessment.