16 Days of Activism: End Violence Against Women and Girls

Around the world women are rising up, patriarchal systems are breaking down, and we’re partnering with women and girls in remote communities by supporting them in challenging barriers to equality.

“I am fighting violence against women and children because I too have been a victim of it. When I realized that I was not the only one in that situation, I thought it was better to create a structure to fight this. In the past, speaking about violence [against women and children] was taboo. But today the silence has been broken on the national stage thanks to the awareness that we have been raising. Preventative measures are being taken, and we are now focusing on providing holistic care – sanitary, psychological, financial and judicial – to the victims.”

– Mariama Moussa, President of SOS Women and Children Victims of Domestic Violence (“SOS Femmes et Enfants Victimes de Violences Familiales”),  Niger and 2014 Winner of Women for Change with the Orange Foundation.

Mariama was featured as part of a woman peacemakers challenge launched in the Sahel where Equal Access International is implementing Voices for Peace, a regional peacebuilding project with USAID.


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