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“We (women) are the hope and pride of the nation.

We are the real builders and we spread the fragrance of peace all around.

Education is our ornaments and the bright future is our destination.

We are the beacon of hope for our country,

Yes we shall rise by getting and education and

YES WE WILL contribute to promote girls education.” (Hina Mushtaq, Listening & Discussion Group Member and YES WE WILL campaigner)

Organized by Equal Access Pakistan (EAP), the YES WE WILL campaign aimed to create a demand and excitement for higher education among girls, as well as drawing attention to the need to promote girls education amongst higher education institutions.  Not fearing a challenge, the EAP team took the campaign to some of the most hard to reach areas of Pakistan including the districts of Swat, Malakand, Abbotabad and Mansehra in the FATA region.

The girls who participated in the campaign were eager and excited to press their painted hands on to a banner, leaving an array of colourful handprints all saying “YES I WILL” to contributing towards the promotion of girls education and women’s empowerment. And YES I WILL to going on to further education.  As they pressed their hands into the banner and signed their names, each girl repeated a pledge “by putting my signature here I solemnly pledge that I will contribute towards girls’ education, national development and progress by acquiring higher education”.

The girls were not just there to leave a handprint, they were also passionately involved in the designing, planning and implementing of the campaign, which included sports galas and skills development to promote positive messages related to girls education through different co-curricular activities.

In the end over 3,000 girls got involved.  And hopefully 3,000 girls were inspired.

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