Equal Access Afghanistan in Canadian Film Festival

A Documentary entitled Photographer of an Image-less City (Akkas-E-Shahr-E-Bi Taswir) about an Equal Access Afghanistan Youth ChangeMaker has been selected for a screening at the SAFF Canada 2012 South Asian Film Festival, which will take place in Vancouver, Abbotsford and Surrey from October 31st to November 4th, 2012.

The documentary tells the story of Abdul Al Afghan, an Equal Access Afghanistan Youth ChangeMaker who lives in the “Image-less City” of Kandahar, a city dominated by the Taliban. During the war, citizens were forbidden to take photographs, but as hostilities abate, Adbul sets out on a mission to photograph his city and its people in an attempt to bring peace and unity to Kandahar. He shares his love for photography with youth by teaching local classes, working to include women as photographic subjects and to train them as photographers in their own right. Finally, Abdul hosts a photographic exhibition to present his work and the work of his students, where his service to the community is recognized by the Governor of Kandahar.

Produced by his students, and featuring Abdul himself as the documentary’s subject, Photographer of an Image-less City represents Abdul’s vision of Kandahar and the opportunities now available to the city’s youth. A teaser trailer for the documentary can be viewed below, or on the Equal Access YouTube Channel, here. The full-length film represents one of a series of four documentaries produced by and about Equal Access’ Youth ChangeMakers in Afghanistan. Each documentary features a different province and a corresponding Youth ChangeMaker, capturing the ChangeMaker’s active involvement in their community and embodying their vision of a brighter future for their province and for Afghanistan as a whole.

Afghanistan ChangeMakers

Visit Equal Access’ YouTube channel today to view trailers for ChangeMaker documentaries in Afghanistan’s Balkh and Kabul Provinces, and stay tuned for for upcoming full-length documentary footage!

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