John Miller Beauvoir

Deputy Regional Director—DCOP at Voices for Peace, Nigeria

John Miller Beauvoir has nearly two decades of work in the fields of democracy, local governance, and civil society. He brings a diverse skill set to his role at EAI and Voices for Peace.

John Miller Beauvoir is currently the Deputy Regional Director—DCOP at Voices for Peace. Before joining EAI in March 2018, he worked globally in the field of democracy and governance for 13 years. Beauvoir served as Senior Governance Advisor at USAID where he managed and oversaw several projects aiming at strengthening local governance, civil society, and state institutions in Haiti.  He worked for more than five years with the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) holding various senior positions, including Director of the Political Party Strengthening Program.

In Canada, Beauvoir was tapped by the International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development to manage a project aimed at promoting democracy and human rights across the Americas, including Bolivia, Haiti, and Colombia. As a governance expert, he served as Political Consultant for the International Crisis Group (ICG) and ParlAmericas, a network of Parliament in the Americas.

Beauvoir holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science from the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) in Canada. He is a member of the International Political Science Association (IPSA). As an author, he writes about democracy, peace, and stability and is often invited to speak at universities in North America. To contact John Miller Beauvoir please email him at