Naya Nepal (Radio Program)

This popular radio show inspired Nepalese citizens to become more engaged in their communities by providing information on political topics relevant to listeners’ lives.

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I cast a vote for the first time in my life in the recent local election. When I joined the Shirjanshil listening group, I started listening regularly to the radio programs of Naya Nepal and Sajhedari. Recently, the radio programs were covering topics related to voter education. I listened to all of the episodes and decided to participate!”

– Motisara Bohara, 57, Surkhet

Created in the midst of the Maoist conflicts of 2006, Naya Nepal was Nepal’s second favorite radio program. Episodes educated youth on voting rights, local politics, and good governance. The show inspired many to take civic matters into their own hands.


Naya Nepal (New Nepal) was Nepal’s second-most popular radio program (after Saathi Sanga Manka Kura) for four years. Each week, one-sixth of the population of Nepal listened to Naya Nepal for an inspiring and information-packed half-hour. The program educated listeners on the basics of peace, rule of law, human rights, gender and minority balance in politics, justice, security, voting, and many other hallmarks of a strong, stable, and representative government.

The program aired through Radio Nepal and on over 30 local FM stations nationwide with local versions produced in Maithili, Tharu, and Bhojpuri. The main target groups for the program were rural and semi-urban youth and adults.

"We learned that children should not be used in canvassing for local elections, and political party posters shouldn’t be placed in public places according to the election code of conduct."

Impact & Reach of this Project


radio episodes produced and distributed in three months


listeners were featured in the radio program


local FM radio stations partnered with the program, including national Radio Nepal

We listened to a Naya Nepal episode about voter education and learned why and how to cast our votes. On the 11th of June, we spread the message to our neighbors by going door-to-door. We ended up speaking to 35 households!” Kalpana Chaudhary
Facilitator, Hamar Sandesh LDAG, Ghodaghodi Municiaplity-10, Pahalmanpur, Kailali

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