Key Staff


Ronni Goldfarb, President & Chief Executive Officer

Lisa Ellis, Chief Operating Officer


Business Development and Communications

Puanani Forbes, Director of Business Development

Yvette Shirinian, Business Development/ Communications Officer


Programs Team

Gordon Shettle, Director of Programs

Monica Underwood, Senior Program Manager

Graham Couturier, Program Manager

Joshua Reiman, Regional Program Officer, Near East/ Asia

Dorothee Stangle, Program Officer

Rebecca Tuttle, Program Officer


Finance and Administration  

Stephanie Lambert, Internal Auditor

Arisa Tono, Accountant

Silvia Castillo, Office Coordinator



Field Offices

Anwar Jamili, Country Director, Afghanistan

Binita Shrestha, Country Director, Yemen

Irfan Younes, Country Director, Pakistan

Upendra Aryal, Acting Executive Director, Equal Access Nepal

Kader Idi, Country Director, Niger

Zara Yacoub, Country Director, Chad

Lamoussa Robgo, Country Director, Burkina Faso

Koy Borey, Acting Executive Director, Media One Cambodia


For general information, please contact us here.

If you are a vendor, please contact Silvia Castillo.