Our Mission

EAI helps communities around the world drive sustainable and transformative change
through our proven participatory media, technology, and outreach model. By designing
solutions with communities, our programming is locally-owned and culturally resonant. We
build communication ecosystems that take root and thrive, create platforms that elevate
marginalized voices, and build locally-led movements that shift power, inspire normative
change and promote creative, positive, and innovative solutions to social issues.

By putting people’s authentic stories and dreams at the center of our programs, communities and entire societies change their stories from disempowerment and marginalization to empowerment and possibility.” Ronni Goldfarb
Founder and Board member

For me terrorism is caused by bad governance...youth unemployment is one of the main factors pushing young people towards radicalization. Solutions are to promote dialogue and resolve conflicts.

Our Impact & Reach

241 + million

Impact & Reach *2018 figures

241 Million

Broadcast Reach

37+ Thousand

People directly participated in community engagement activities and training

26 Languages

All content is produced in local languages

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