Partner with Equal Access International

Partnerships are central to the life-changing work we do. Whether you are a government, business, or peer, a partnership with EAI enables you to spur exciting and innovative solutions with communities around the world. Contact us below!

Government and Multilateral Partners

For the past 22 years, we have enabled government and multilateral partners across the globe to achieve their development goals by using our human-centered development approach to address critical issues in peacebuilding and countering violent extremism (CVE), gender equality, and governance and civic engagement. Backed by our extensive knowledge of compliance and regulatory policies of the UN, USG and other donor countries and a flawless track record in fiscal responsibility, we are a trusted partner of the world’s largest development agencies as they work in some of the hardest to reach regions of the world. Please contact Nancy McDonald, Senior Director of Programs, at to explore partnering.

Corporations and Foundations

We proudly partner with corporations and foundations committed to peacebuilding, gender equality, government accountability, and civic engagement to launch impactful, innovative programs. We align our approach, expertise and geographic reach with your business purpose ensuring there is a return on investment for the programs we develop. Foundations trust EAI to be a capable organization driven by learning and adaptation to bring key programmatic goals to life. Through a partnership with EAI, foundations reach the communities and move the needle on critical issues. Companies test new products and services in unique environments to explore the best way to scale products, grow employee capacity and retain talent. Please contact Nancy McDonald, Senior Director of Programs, at to explore collaborating.

Peers, Small Business and Academic Institutions

We welcome partnerships with peers, small businesses and academic institutions around the world to facilitate high-impact community-centered programs addressing critical and urgent issues. Please get in touch with us here. We look forward to working with you!

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