Ngasa Wise Nzikie

Country Director, Cameroon

Ngasa Wise Nzikie is a leader in conflict mitigation and an economics expert focused on central Africa. His extensive background includes creative strategies to engage youth and civic engagement with the public sector.

Before being appointed as the Country Director at EAI in Cameroon, Ngasa Wise Nzikie served as Projects and Marketing Manager at CamCCUL, central Africa’s largest microfinance network comprised of 220 affiliated microfinance Institutions. He was also the Executive Director of Action Foundation, a leading youth-led, youth-focused civil society organization in Cameroon. At both organizations, he designed and led the implementation of bold initiatives to mitigate conflicts, promote youth entrepreneurship, extend remittances to rural localities, and combat corruption in the public sector.

His work has drawn support from reputable organizations including UNESCO, UNAOC, UN-HABITAT, the World Bank and the US Embassy in Cameroon. He was Cameroon’s Representative at the 2013 UN Summer School, the 2014 Kigali MINDS Governance Conference, and the 2014 International Youth Foundation/USAID financed Social Entrepreneurs Transforming Africa initiative. He is a 2018 YALI (Young African Leaders Initiative) fellow who did his fellowship at the University of Iowa.

Nzikie graduated from University College London’s Institute of Education in 2013 where he obtained a Master’s in Education and International Development. He holds a BSC in Accountancy from Oxford Brookes University and has diplomas in Project Management and Social Accountability.

Nzikie believes the short story can be a powerful tool for promoting positive development narratives. He is an award-winning writer, whose short stories have been published by the Munyori Literary Journal and the Writivism International Festival. To contact Mr. Nzikie please email him at