EAI works exclusively in the northern part of this vast country.

Home to over 53 million people in 19 states, the north has a rich and complex history that includes centuries of conflict and violence between Muslims and Christians and within Muslim sects, all of whom are indigenous to the area. It is also a region of great pride, comprising the Sokoto Caliphate, West Africa’s most powerful pre-colonial state, and a beautiful natural landscape that includes rivers, waterfalls, and mountains.

In 2013, EAI leveraged its extensive CVE work in the African Sahel to implement the first-of-its-kind 24/7 Hausa television channel in Northern Nigeria, AREWA24. That multi-year project enabled local EAI staff to develop deep roots and scale our capacity to produce commercially-viable media rooted in social and behavior change communications. AREWA24 is now an award-winning, locally owned, and independent media company.

In 2016, EAI launched a regional Messaging Hub under the White Dove (Farar Tattabara, in Hausa) brand, to empower the visions and voices of youth and communities to tackle pressing social issues.

EAI continues to expand its network of partners to enable a new generation of change-makers through programs focused on capacity building, leadership training, participatory media, tech for development, government accountability, and gender equality. With strong local branding and a reputation for scaling social and behavior change interventions, EAI continues to innovate and grow in Nigeria.

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