EAI is proud to have worked in Nepal for 20 years.

During that time, we’ve seen the country reel in tragedy, violence, and instability. We’ve also seen it thrive and grow, moving forward with hope and resilience to form a federal democratic republic. Through it all, we continue to work hard with our Nepali staff to build a more stable and peaceful country.

Producing multiple award-winning radio series that are grounded in our social and behavior change communication approach, we have made measurable, positive impacts on the lives of men, women, and families. EAI’s first project in 2000 was launched in Nepal. Since then, we have produced multiple award-winning radio series, both in Nepali and other local languages of Nepal.  

Our programming in Nepal is grounded in our social and behavior change communication approach that empowers listeners and instigates action through high-touch community engagement and capacity building initiatives. We have been particularly successful with normative change work using our signature methodology to address inequality issues rooted in gendered and patriarchal norms.

Our years of work in Nepal has enabled us to refine our community-centered approach to social impact, thoroughly integrating communities into our programming as reporters, researchers, and facilitators. EAI in Nepal is led by an experienced group of dedicated local staff who are passionate about implementing high-impact, multi-year programs on a range of thematic areas including civic engagement, gender equality, youth empowerment, IPV and sexual exploitation of minors.

As part of our dedication to robust research practices, we have worked in partnership with academic institutions, including the Queensland University of Technology and Emory University. Most recently with the Rollins School of Public Health, based in Emory, we have been running a cluster randomized controlled trial of one of our social norms interventions designed to prevent violence against women and girls. Further research, funded by the World Bank innovation grant, will test the impact of our work on norms diffusion.

To view some of our online campaigns, please visit our YouTube channel!


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