Peace Through Development I (PDevI)

Communications are a vital tool in addressing the drivers of violent extremism (VE). EAI  delivered a range of communications activities designed to foster stability, resilience, peace, and prosperity in Niger and Chad between 2009-2011.

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Burkina Faso, Niger, Sahel

Radio Programs Instigate Peace and Civic Engagement

Communications are a vital tool in addressing the drivers of violent extremism (VE). On behalf of USAID, EAI delivered a range of communications activities designed to foster stability, resilience, peace, and prosperity. Between 2009-2011, EAI was the lead participatory media and community engagement partner in Niger and Chad. Producing three original radio series in local languages equaling 845 individual episodes reaching approximately 3.3 million listeners with 60 radio station partners.

The purpose of the PDEV radio program was to support the production of participatory and representative media programming in a wide range of settings and to leverage the impact of other PDEV activities through a media program which reached a much broader audience. The PDEV radio programs succeeded in increasing both the quantity and quality of citizen participation and democratic expression, through discussions of PDEV themes of peace and tolerance. As a direct result, groups of listeners, engaged with local governments to improve community services, young listeners were motivated to take control of their futures, and moderate voices gained a well-constructed platform from which they furthered PDEV messages.


“These programs raise awareness, especially in the current context in Niger. Citizens have learned a great deal through the topics that discuss citizenship, voting, and democracy." Listener, Niamey


The program kicked off, as most EAI programs do, with a media assessment, formative research and stakeholder workshops. The stakeholder engagement generated local buy-in and enabled us to identify Content Advisory Group (CAG) members that represented local stakeholders and international organizations such as the Association of Female Lawyers, Human rights, Ministry of Youth, Ministry of Planning, UNICEF and National Youth Council, Association of Arabic-Speaking Journalists, Superior Council of Islamic Affairs and others.

The research informed all subsequent media programming and the CAG provided support for the PDEV media productions in the development of episode themes and review of content. EAI produced youth chat shows, youth and religion programming, good governance programming, and a program focused on inter and intra-religious dialogue. Programs featured a magazine format with on-air guests, interviews, testimonials, and vox pops, as well as a brief sketch segment. Listeners could interact with the show by sending SMS’s from their portable phones and by participating in quizzes.

Additional program activities included:

  • 176 Listening Discussion and Action Groups (LDAGs);
  • 500 Youth, Women and Radio Partners Trained;
  • extensive Community Reporter Training;
  • development of a Media Code of Conduct;
  • media Production Training;
  • radio Station Management Training and Mentoring;
  • SMS and interactive community input systems developed.

“I never miss an episode of Sada Zumunci and I want it to continue production. I have learned a great deal from listening to the show on peaceful coexistence between Christians and Muslims. I did not know that a Muslim must honor his neighbor no matter his religion. Since I have come to understand the importance of this program, I have made my followers listen to it each time it is broadcast. I am against extremism and violence. This program educates children and promotes peace in our society.” – Harouna Labo, Marabout and Director of a Koranic school, Zinder


In Niger, almost a quarter of the Nigerien population listened to at least one PDEV program each week with a third listening to at least one program a month (total of 2.87 million regular listeners). 92% and 89% of respondents trusted the information received in the youth and good governance programs respectively. Survey respondents to all PDEV programs chose “peace and tolerance” most often when asked about the subject matter of the programs, indicating that the audience understood the major messaging content of the programming. 84% and 76% of listeners of the youth and good governance programs respectively talked about the program to others, with approximately three-quarters of those sharing information about peace and tolerance. 88% and 84% of listeners to the youth and good governance programs felt that listening to the program helped bring about changes in issues of interest to them.

Impact & Reach of this Project

20,000 Individuals

Called into a radio program or were interviewed by a community reporter.

60-80% Listeners

Reported the program helped them make a good decision or improve their lives (the different % represent the different countries)

90+ Communities

Community Reporters were active in over 90 communities and the evaluation suggestions they were instrumental in catalyzing solutions to local disputes

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