EAI Gets National Recognition in Kenya

The Kenyan daily newspaper "The Star" published a story about two MPs at an EAI-hosted Peace Promotion Fellowship meeting, who said that the only way to reduce radicalization by violent extremist groups is by engaging youth in meaningful activities.

Two Kenyan ministers of Parliament, Ahmed Kolosh of Wajir West (pictured above) and Ahmed Abdisalan of Wajir North, called on the national government to do more to create jobs for young people in the northeastern part of the country to address radicalization and recruitment by violent extremist organizations.

The MPs were attending an EAI-hosted Peace Promotion Fellowship meeting in Wajir, Kenya, when they spoke up about the desperate situation in which many young people find themselves — with a formal education but no prospects for gainful employment. Al-Shabaab and other violent extremist groups know that this demographic is particularly vulnerable to its methods.

The Star, a national daily newspaper based in Nairobi, ran the story on 21 August 2019. Read the article here.