Faridah’s Story from Kenya

In honor of the International Day of the Girl, we are sharing inspiring girls' stories from different parts of the world about the challenges they have overcome.

This is Faridah. “Mam endured all mistreatment from my dad, who kicked us out one fine evening. With nowhere to go, my mam settled at her parents’ place together with my brother as I kept living like a refugee in town.”

Moving between friends, family, work mates, or even kind strangers, Faridah struggled to pursue her studies while trying to earn money, support her mother and brother, and ensure she had a safe place to sleep every night. But she did not give up and believes that her determination to survive and thrive is what got her through each day. “I know I am where I am because I choose never to give up. I understand it’s not easy but my determination has brought me here to where I am today.”

Today Faridah is an inspiration to many girls in Kenya. She pursued her dream to continue her studies and is now a student at Mount Kenya University. Selected as an EAI Youth Influencer, Faridah used the skills she learned as part of her Tech Camp training to launch her own online campaign and community initiative, Elimu Care. Focused on advancingeducation for all, the idea for Elimu Care was influenced by Faridah’s own personal education journey and struggles.

Faridah has not stopped there! She uses her voice and platform to raise issues facing girls across East Africa.

I was a delegate at The Tanzania International Model United Nations where I received an award as the best delegate in my caucus, I am a youth influencer, peace champion and Youth Activist volunteering for organizations like HAKI Africa, EAI, and Kabibi Mpenzi Foundation. I am also a mentor at Her Empowerment Race Zone Zambia, where I mentor eight girls on their life journeys.