From Survivor to Certified Peace Ambassador: the Story of Muhammad Ibrahim

Muhammad is a Peace Promotion Fellow with EAI's Farar Tattabara (White Dove) program in N. Nigeria. Learn about his story here.

Being an advocate for peace fulfills me though it has been a very hard journey. I believe that within the six months of my fellowship with [EAI] I will make a difference in the minds of youth like me to shun violence and embrace peace.”

As a child, Muhammad wanted to become a military officer. It seemed like an obvious thing to do after being raised in the midst of constant insecurity: he’d lost his parents at the age of two, and had to flee by foot to Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state, following an insurgency in Bama. Grateful to have been raised by his sisters, uncles, and aunts, he says optimism is the key:

“Youth have to be optimistic and know that good things never come easy and know that success never comes to you, you have to go for it.”

Muhammad, 20, lives in Maiduguri with his uncle where he is completing his degree in marketing. He is committed to bringing about a peaceful and violence-free Nigeria as a certified peace ambassador.

Learn more about Farrar Tattabara, EAI’s CVE Alternative Messaging Hub here.

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