Tooba’s Story from Pakistan

In honor of the International Day of the Girl, we are sharing inspiring girls' stories from different parts of the world about the challenges they have overcome.

This is Tooba Shah from Peshawar Pakistan. Very early in her life, Tooba realized that if she wanted a brighter future for herself and for other girls around her, she would need to use her voice and her talents to change how people thought about the role of women and girls in society. 

At the age of 16 she began hosting a radio program on the national radio, speaking about girl’s empowerment and inspiring other young Pakistani girls through her show. In University, she decided she wanted more direct engagement with her community, and joined EAI’s theatre group in Pakistan, putting on community theatre shows across the highly conservative Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan.

 She has continued this work over the last few years, using the stage and the air waves to promote equity for all. Despite challenges she has used her talents and creativity to change behaviors when it comes to giving women and girls more agency and power in their communities and country.

Knowing how to be better and do better is not always communicated to you through lectures and class room. Art, when used appropriately, can be so much more meaningful to the people it reaches. I wish girls everywhere can feel the same control over their future as I do and I will keep delivering messages of peace and equity through theatre and radio.