Corporate & Foundation Partners


Today more than ever, consumers and employees are demanding companies care for their employees, participate in ethical supply chain practices, contribute to the communities where they do business and make the world a better place.

Companies partner with EAI to accelerate their impact through innovative corporate social impact programming in a variety of relevant and critical impact areas. We align our approach, expertise and geographic reach with your business purpose ensuring there is a return on investment for the programs we develop. EAI works with employee volunteer programs to provide life-changing volunteer opportunities. Imagine the sense of purpose an employee has by hacking on some of the hardest to solve problems in the social media, traditional media, and tech spaces. Not only does this foster a personal sense of satisfaction employees have the opportunity to apply their skills in a way that will change and sometimes save lives.

A partnership with EAI can enable a business to test new innovations in radically different environments to explore the best way to scale products. Businesses partner with us to rollout high-touch community-driven social behavior change campaigns to address a particular behavior in a given market and they partner with us to put together a program that addresses social norms that are inhibiting uptake of a companies product. Regardless of the motivation EAI is skilled at developing strategic impact programs that enable both parties to meet their goals.

“I sincerely believe that companies need to work with the social sector to get on top of the problems of the world.” Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group


EAI works with small family foundations, corporate foundations, and large endowed foundations to bring to life their impact missions in critical areas. We are skilled at ensuring we meet foundation reporting requirements and develop comprehensive measurement, evaluation and learning plans in partnership with their teams.

EAI enables foundations to accelerate their mission and generate high-impact efficiently by media integration. We are able to work with foundations in highly sensitive environments addressing sensitive subjects through a non-oppositional form of programming that models new behaviors on issues violence, gender equality, leadership, youth engagement and education. We create an enabling environment by creating characters in our soap operas and street theater activities that bring to life new ways of being – healthy ways of being.

We create mass change through our social behavior communication programs and enable foundations to impact new norms in at-risk communities.

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